Temporary Grounds

Public Space Proposal, Tel Aviv


Proposal for a new public space, Studio Oren Sagiv




Studio Oren Sagiv – Installation Architecture


Since its closure many years ago, Tel Aviv’s Old Central Bus Station has become a barren lot in south-east Tel Aviv. Its buildings have been demolished, while the dysfunctional site remains on-hold, pending for approvals and finances for the development of new office buildings. The project proposes a temporary intervention which aims to transform the empty field into a source of what its surrounding needs most: activity and light.

We proposed to use the site’s most precious ‘natural resource’ – its emptiness among the dense urban texture. We created a network of paths and puddles by de-paving the asphalt. These “de-pavements” would host local activities by local organizations, restaurants, artists and social groups.

The resident groups will be housed in lifeguard shacks, one of the city’s most familiar architectural symbols, positioned along the site. While present, the groups will design and create structures, activities, and events to experiment with and for the public to enjoy in the field below.

We hope that the two worlds – the world of creation in the shacks above, and the world of experience in the field below – would generate a new mode of existence for the site, and in due time – heal it.

The Site

The urban network around the popular HaBima Square in central Tel Aviv – dense, orderly, normative

The urban network around the Old Central Bus Station – dense, chaotic, disruptive

Urban Elements

Urban elements found in Tel Aviv, which will be temporarily borrowed and placed on-site, and later dispersed back in the city