A Return to Athens

B. Arch Year 3 Studio


3rd Year Studio, Bezalel Academy of Art and Design




Konstantinos Labrinopoulos


The Fall semester studio of my 3rd year was led by Greek architect Konstantinos Labrinopoulos. We traveled to Athens to experience first-hand today’s reality of the birthplace of western civilization.

The economic crisis of 2008 has left Athens in financial ruins. In this economically dark hour new fascist, anti-democratic powers, such as the ”Golden Dawn Party” have risen, turning the population against immigrants. This phenomenon is most apparent in the immigrant neighborhoods of central Athens.

Our studio’s goal was to plan a structure which will establish new relationships between immigrants and native Greeks. This project proposes an Agricultural Education & Urban Farming Center, which will act as a weekend market, a community center, and a school, distributing sustenance and knowledge.

The Site

Exploration the possibilities of urban agriculture

Building Diagram